Autumn Day and Night Fashion Inspiration

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You're on your way to 8 am class, you're late, you throw on unwashed leggings and a sweater with a questionable stain you found on the floor. You're going out dancing with your friends, you have nothing to wear and with a little discontent you throw on that dress you wear every time. Sound familiar? It's inevitable, we all get in a fashion rut sometimes. So I've put together four different outfits, 2 for day and 2 for night to kick start your imagination.

Daytime Looks

Cute Workout Clothes Under $50

If you haven't realized by now, cute clothes can make (almost) anything better! And that includes working out. I've rounded up some cute workout clothes & accessories priced $50 or less to make looking your best while sweating it out affordable.
1) Go Long Crew with Thumb-holes - Ballet Pink (Albion) - $28.00
Never underestimate a good to-and-from long sleeve. Perfect for wearing during a warm up, or throwing on before or after a workout to keep you cozy. No one will blame you if you don't quite make it to your workout in this piece!
2) Mikaela Short - Magenta (Mika) - $36.00
Show off those legs! A pair of booty shorts are always a necessity if you're good with showing some (or a lot) of skin. These claim to not dig into your skin or ride up and have adjustable strings on the sides to provide more or less coverage. Great for hot yoga and pole fitness!

Photoseries | A Day in the Garden

On a rainy day like this, it's nice to have a little reminder of early summer days. These were taken at two separate museums (and if I ever think of the names I'll be sure to post them, they're worth a visit)!